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The Fact of Civil Peace

The behind story of civil peace was told about the life in Nigerian where all of the bad thing such robber, murder and the bad guy founded inNigeriain past time. We can imagine that that usually happen in a little country that hasn’t found any peace. We don’t know what they were finding for? Were they found something for independent? We cannot judge the conclusion without any reason. So in this paper I am going to bring you to know what the civil peace? What is the meaning of civil peace and for who this civil peace paper writer dedicated?

Before we move to the point of civil peace, it will be better if I introduce the writer before? Chinua Achebe was born on November 16, 1930, He was the fifth of sixth children in his family. When he was twelve years old he left to live with his older brother John, who taught at a school in Nekede. This is where he earned a scholarship toGovernmentCollege. He also went to theUniversityCollegeatIbadan, where he was educated in English. Achebe later became a producer for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation in 1954. He also became the first director of external broadcasting inNigeriafor the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1961. Chinua Achebe has written many stories and poems aboutAfricaand the fight for their independence.

So what do you think about the biography of the writer? Is that influence him in civil peace? Yes, he was. He want to show to the world that Nigerian people is not savages, they need an independence. One of way that chinua chosen was to make the civil peace. And the writer wants to show that the African didn’t same with the people thinking before, because Chinua itself is Nigerian. He wrote a lot of article related to this story, same story but in different characterization, the most important thing that he made it forAfricaand the fight for their independence. For example: Things Fall Apart , Arrow of God , A Man of the People , “Beware Soul Brother,”, “Christmas in Biafra,”, “Morning Yet on Creation Day. He was the first African who write about the African and fight for their independence.

The story was told about one family who lived in Nigerian after the civil war, he is Jonathan Iwigbu and his wife Maria who face the day inNigeriaafter the civil war, they could survive after the civil war was onNigeria. How come? They were safety from the civil war at that time, they were so lucky to come out the civil war inNigeria, to celebrate their fortune Jonathan was bought one car for his wife especially for his family. But that was not the end of the story, the conflict begin when they were in their new home who still standing beside the way after the civil war, we can imagine that just only one home that still standing after the civil war, Jonathan and their family bought that home, because They were on traveling. There were a thieves who entered to the Jonathan’s house and then they wanted to give some money, and then Jonathan give them the money they want, Jonathan didn’t want to take bad conclusion, he didn’t want his family broke, so he gave them the money and let them go. As we know that in Nigerian there’s no law at that time, it’s different with theAmerica. InNigeriawe can found that where the power make the weak cannot do anything.

The writers write the paper based on true story atNigeria, where the people will do anything to survive, they would do any act such kill, Robb, or something that we don’t expect. Maybe Nigerian’s government still has make one change, because they also need independence. They were not as European people thought, who told that Nigerian’s people is savages, but that’s wrong. They did something to make they survive, that’s effect from a bad government.

Chinua achebe want to show to the world that Nigerian’s people didn’t savages, Achebe showed it with write this story. This story was one of his papers or any article related to African’s life. The view point of this story is to tell the world that Nigerian’s people. Only this way Chinua could deliver his brilliant idea to show to the reader, Writing is important because it can teach the world about an event, such as war. Especially for the author that make the story based on the true story like this, that’s related to the humanity and independence to draw any country about what was happened inNigeria. Chinua Achebe got the medal for his dedication of African and fight for their independence. He won the Margaret Wong Memorial Prize, the first in many awards, for his contribution to African literature. Achebe was the first African writer to tell the people ofAfrica’s side of the story.

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