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Syrian War: Language Perspective

Syrian war has gone for 3 years, a long with so many people dead and migrated to near country. Today, based on the report from aljazeera and other sources, that there’re more 150000 people dead. Most of them were from both of Syrian regime militia, civilian and Syrian fighter opposition.

I’m, absolutely, one of people who always keep updating this war. By watching some new video uploaded to social media like YouTube, live leak and also on website.

You must know that some of Syrian Fighter has their social account to upload the situation update from the war they’re fighting. Example: They are Jabhat Al-Islamiyah, Ahrar Asyam, ISIS and Jabhat Alnusra.

Syrian War: Language Perspective

I’m not only focusing this war into substance area, because it can be found so easily, for those who want to know more about this war, on the media that provided deep explanation within this war, but i also found some interesting phenomena by observed this war.

It’s perhaps weird but it’s true. I noted all kind related to linguistic area. As far, I’ve identified two phenomena which can be analyze by field of linguistic. If you’ve ever read the article/news or just listen to the Islamic radio, i guess that you will ever heard about the great takbir “Allahu Akbar” and the fighters who have name based on their country?

Yeah you suppose to be known this kind of things!

The sound Takbir is usually resounded whenever Syrian fighters get succeed or captured something important of their enemy, in this case, Assadist Regime. It seems that the sound is very important for Syrian fighters. As we can see from their gesture, while reciting Allahu Akbar, by hold’p the gun and also given a new famous symbol, hold only index finger.

I guess that the Syrian Fighter has just got a strong spirit, when they reciting takbir. Yeah it could be a sign that signed by other great thing. Meanwhile, the new symbol, as stated above, also is a symbol, that was created from their interpreted, of their struggle a long with Allah beside them. It’s tauhid. – You can add this analyze by using Semiotic perspective –

And the last thing, based on my opinion, is Syrian Fighter who have their country of their name. For example: Abu Qotada Al-Filistini, Al-Baghdadi, At-tunisi, Shisani ( Checnyen ), Dagestani, or even tasikistani ( Tasik )

– We can use Sociolinguistic or linguistic to analyze this phenomena. Ask yourself why did they use their country, was there any correlation between their jihadist ideology and country? Ask yourself how did the end of word – ni – used to their name.

Their name is their country. Is it possible that their name is kind of symbol?

To be continued and God Willing, next chapter will be posted on my blog

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