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Plastic Surgery: Trapped In Illusion

I believe that when we are watching television – especially – brand advertising, it’s tend to bring your mind into their marketing logic. As I found on the brand of cosmetic that constructed perception some woman of which girl are beautiful and which girl are bad looking?

Basically, human race all around the world – woman – are same. Nonetheless there are a dichotomy value who made it become bias. I used to saying that factor with binary opposition. It means that there are – less – two term in which people can be identified when look a woman. She is beautiful and the other is not!! Having realized about it, we must ask some questions how and why it could be happen?

I am absolutely sure this problem related to how the product dictated you as a society who live in the consumerism era. Lately, there is phenomenon that we can see in almost television channel in Indonesia. Yeah, today, we got news from the celebrity, especially, who did plastic surgery.  Sometimes we get bored to see that damn thing over and over again. But if we know how to understanding media, probably, we will know how to what media wanted too?

Plastic surgery: trapped in Illusion

Who is trapped in illusion? What is the illusion? And why the plastic surgery is illusion? With three questions above, I hope there’ll be a clue to get more inside into the problem. Let me begin this short explanation with the term illusion first.

Illusion is something that you understand but you cannot touch it as a real, instead it made you agreed to what illusion expected. The dichotomy of woman above is just one simple example that we can identified as the illusion.

However I am on the counter attack side of that dichotomy but sometimes, I absorbed on that situation. Every people have ever said in their imagination that “I want to be like a Barbie, I want to have a white face along with a blue eyes and long hair and I want to have a beautiful woman like the girl on the shampoo advertising.” So the question is why they want to be what their imagination?

It’s important to remember, for the problem above, that the imagination is not really main idea in this article. I rather tend to focus on how media represented public mind and how the media, especially advertising, bring society into their product logic.

People, who is living in the consumerism era – One dimensional man, will start to go to market to buy some product suggested by the media. They, however not all people, believed that media was giving a real fact for their body. Media not only succeed affecting their perception beauty (false needs) but also they succeed in preserving their position as a capitalism army.

So why do people have plastic surgery? Basically, the simple answer is they want to look pretty/handsome as their imagination. They didn’t find something good, like a big bob, sharp nose and anything else, on their body.

Being beautiful in this perception is cultural ideology constructed by the media. Especially if she were an actress she would keep her perfect body, as a model of brand image, for society and so the product. Capitalism really knows whether she is required for the product or not and she, as the object of capitalism knows, will enhance her quality body as the product recommended.

Milan kundera stated, in her opinion of media, that reality was stronger than ideology and it is in this sense that imagology surpassed it: imagology is stranger than reality (Kundera-Immortality.)

We can say the term by the simple word “today is the age of imagology than ideology.” We can find this ghost easily on the banner, advertising as the part of political campaign depend on their vision. Did we still remember the publicity of demokrat party on the campaign against corruption? Say no to corruption …..In fact….that’s up to you.

From the text above we can define that the image is pseudo reality, it’s just like illusion. Who is said to be beautiful you must have plastic surgery, a blue eyes, long hair and else?

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