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Notes About Syiah and Sunni

Sunni AydiaIt’s important to know that the conflict, war, between syiah and sunni in Islam is really happening. It’s not just like in Indonesia, with the good and high quality to live harmony within diversity, Syiah and Sunni are well enough to live together.

We must be curious about what kind of bombing description will media give to us today. Is it a bombing to Syiah community that’s praying? Is it car bombing to Sunni? Is it about war between Assad and Opposition in Syria?…..If we curious about that so we can think again how deep the conflict it’s in Middle East. The latest news told that there were 60 people from Syiah in a car bombing.

So what is going on between Syiah and Sunni?

Knowing History of the Rise of Islam.

I believe that history will give you an understanding to know what’s the basic conflict between Syiah and Sunni today. So we must reopen our long, i am a moslem, history about Islam starting from Our Big Prophet Muhammad SAW until today.

The solidarity among Moslem in Prophet Muhammad era, it means when Prophet Muhammad was still alive, is the best ever solidarity that Moslem ever had. There’re so many reason to answer the statement before. But the key important to that should be the spirit. So it will be better to us focusing only after The Death of Big Prophet Muhammad SAW. Especially in the Abbasyah Era.

 Below are the other little key to understand about conflict between Syiah and Sunni today.

  • Knowing Religion under Political System
  • Knowing Tribalism When Interfered By A power
  • Knowing The Term Revenge among both community

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