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Noam Chomsky – US, Leading Terrorist In The World

Some experts people, absolutely with a high credible in knowledge, didn’t believe to what US and their allies defined who the real terroris was. One of them is Noam Chomsky. He is especially the linguist prophet but today, world must be know, he has been writting for a crime , againts tyranny, terrorist fighter, destroyer of real hegemony and etc. Fot those who want to read the articles, find them all the articles in his website info.

In my opinion, what Noam Chomsky write was based on the fact that we can find today, easily. How could the US military noted as the real hero, who’s battled with Saddam Hussein, if they couldn’t prevent Iraq’s people, 114.000.. died and suffered. Yeah, that damn thing is a homework for humanity’s development.

We must be aware of this. Because terrorist is just like the real panopticon who only labeled into muslim people. Wherever you will go, whenever you will stay, you wouldn’t to know if there’s some people is watching you, weirdly. However, not all muslim people are terrorist but sometimes media made it, yeah panopticon, a long with their perspective view. So that, we found a lot of people who recognized themselves as the Islamophobia, validated to all not to a group of rebellion people. To be continued.

For further information see Noam Chomsky in action..

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