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Download Ebook Comparative Literature – Susan Bassnett

Comparative literature studies bring you to understand the literature not only in one side. Comparative prefer to use some theory to make a good analysis. So it’s just like cultural studies. Even some scholar said that the comparative literature could be the reason of cultural studies field. I will not talk about that studies in this post but i just want to share one eBook that can become your useful reference for your paper or else.

This eBook, that’s titled A Critical Introduction of Comparative Literature, was written by Susan Bassnett, she’s scholar of literature, especially on field of comparative literature.

This major new introduction to comparative literature is for the students coming to the subject for the first time. Through an examination of a series of case studies and new theoretical developments, Bassnett reviews the current state of comparative literature world-wide in the 1990s. In the past twenty years of a range of new developments in critical theory have changed patterns of reading and approaches to literature: gender-based criticism, reception studies, the growth of translation studies, deconstruction and orientalism all have had a profound impact on work in comparative literature.

Bassnett asks questions not only about the current state of comparative literature as a discipline, but also about its future. Since its beginnings in the nineteenth century, comparative literature has been closely associated with the emergence of national cultures, and its present expansion in many parts of the world indicates that this process is again underway, after a period of narrowly Eurocentric research in the field.

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    • Hi Zizi i apologize for just reply ur request. I was sick 2 / 3 weeks ago. So i’ve just login back on my web today. Ok i’ll keep your email and the ebook will be sent soon for you.

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  1. Hi, could you kindly send me the book by Bassnett? Because the email I received did not contain any links πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  2. Hello, thank you so much for putting up this valuable book. Good basic books on comp. lit. are scarce online. But i wasnt able to receive the link even long after i entered my email.

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  5. β€˜File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server’ is showing on the link. Can you please send me the ebook? I badly need this book, but the price is out of my reach. If you can send it via email, please response me.

  6. Can you upload it on mediafire or similar website? The given URL is not working, and I need this book for my next month examination. I cannot found this book in my town’s bookshops

    • First, i really apologize because i’ve just have a time to check this website. Yes, i put this ebook on my mediafire account. I’ll send to your email soon. Btw i’m also looking for ebook from India titled ‘islamicate culture of bombay cinema’ do you have this…

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